Spanish Paella (the real valencian)

Ingredients of the original Valencian paella for 5/6 people

500 grams of rice for paella
700 grams of chicken meat
350 grams of rabbit
300 grams of green beans
150 grams of garrofón 
(White bean)
1 tablespoon red paprika
150 grams of Shredded tomato
1 envelope of food coloring or a few strands of saffron
150 grams of olive oil
Water (the amount of water should be double that of rice)

How to make a paella valenciana

First of all we must put the oil in the container and we will put it to heat. When it is at a high temperature, we will throw the chicken and rabbit meat previously chopped and salted. We will stir it so that it is browned on the same part and it is also made on the inside on medium heat.

This first step is essential to achieve the perfect paella. The meat must be golden brown before moving on to the next. Remember: fry the meat well with the hot oil before adding any other ingredient in the recipe. Golden and crunchy on the outside before going and pouring the vegetables.

When the meat has already 'colored', we throw the vegetable; That is, the bean and the garrofón.(White bean)

At what temperature does the rice cook? During the first 8 or 10 minutes it is important that the fire is strong and that the water level goes 'down' until the rice surface begins to protrude. At that time, we must control the fire in the event that it is made to wood or lower its intensity if we do it in a stove to let it cook for another 6 or 8 minutes more. Before finalizing the preparation, it is important to try it because if the rice is still a bit hard, we can leave it for about 4 minutes over a very soft fire. And above all, before serving, the rice has to stand between 5 and 10 minutes.

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